eCommerce Management

eCommerce Management

Our job as eCommerce managers is to be responsible for the online sales of your business. We oversee the look and feel of your company’s website and are responsible for generating sales via online channels.

Our services look into the management, creation, and implementation of strategic eCommerce planning. We work with your key stakeholders, and internal/external teams and can seamlessly work alongside your existing website developer and/or marketing agency (we have worked within and with agencies and can call out any unnecessary use of time, or suggested add-ons that simply aren’t needed on your website).

We’ve worked on a vast number of website platforms and excel in project management, digital marketing, growing and managing e-commerce platforms, and identifying any website issues that may impact marketing campaigns.

Our areas of experience:

  • Oversee the entire look, feel, and development of your business’s website
  • Growing and managing eCommerce platforms including developing strategies, front-end design, and maintenance of the platform.
  • Producing reports on key metrics, providing insights, and identifying opportunities for ongoing marketing and website optimisations.
  • Take responsibility for the execution of all campaign activity across all digital marketing channels, in accordance with the marketing plans and timelines.
  • Identifying and driving compelling, multi-platform paid & organic content strategy in line with business objectives.
  • Create and implement SEO strategies to grow the search rate of the business
  • Planning, implementing, and maintaining advertising campaigns across various social media channels.

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