Our Work


Swami Yogmani

Wow-what a project! Our goal was to make sure this rebuild of Swami Yogamani existing website, completely reflected who she is and her experience/quality of knowledge.

This website needed to provide a way for clients to book and pay for memberships as well as concessions and individual classes. 

We are on a journey with Swami Yogamani, from her website, logo design, email marketing, facebook and Instagram promos. KEEP WATCHING!




Dhyana has a squarespace site and wanted to sell online. Squarespace ecom doesn’t work in the NZ market so her customers could not place orders online. Dhyana works for herself so didn’t have the time to spend hours figuring it out nor the budget for an agency.

For less than $5oo, we found her an ecom app that works with squarespace frontend for the NZ market and created a beautiful new design across it to showcase her products.

If you need help like Dhyana please reach out, we have all the agency experience without the agency cost.



BeU boutique

I didn’t feel my orginial brand name represented my business in the NZ market. After 2 years of trading it was time for a change. BeU’s products are comfortable & look great no matter what age, body shape we have something for you. To feel good in your own skin. BeU!


The Occasional Hamper Co

We had so much fun creating this bespoke gift hamper website! This website was all about the images as no gift hamper is the same, they’re tailor-made specifically for the person receiving it, and customers need to be able to see this uniqueness.