Sarah from Digital Halos, has taken care of all my tech, issues and challenges, from full web set up to google, email, social, phone and computer. There is nothing she can not fix, sort and order.

She for me was…. and is a dream come true!

For ages I was wishing for someone like her, someone who could take care of all my requirements, yet who didn’t treat me like I was stupid.

So when she came highly recommended by a dear friend I couldn’t believe my great fortune.

She is always efficient, calm, gracious and soooo patient with me, especially when I call her often… and usually in a panic with urgent needs, tech is my biggest challenge so I have given her plenty of various odd requests for our 3 businesses over the last year. I have recommended her to many of my own friends and clients all have expressed their immense gratitude for sharing her.

So if you are like I was waiting for you tech angel look no further you have found her 

Swami Yogamani Saraswati x